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DesignOps: 6 benefits of boosting your organization design maturity

The better you set up design operations in your organization, the better your employees’ collaboration, customer experience and business outcomes will be. We recently launched our Design Maturity Survey which helps you to better understand the state of your organization's design maturity. You'll also receive advice on potential areas for improvement. In case you haven’t taken the survey yet, we recommend you to do that! And it’s free. :) 

In this blog post we’ve listed six benefits of boosting your organization's design maturity. 

1. Efficiency

Improved workflows between designers and with design stakeholders raise productivity, while reusable UI component libraries and design systems help reduce waste in design work.

2. Quality

Long-term design commitment instead of fast ‘come and deliver’ style will result in

  1. Less time for designers to onboard a new task
  2. Deeper and better UX suggestions, as designers are already familiar with the product and usual user, business, brand and technical requirements.

3. Research & customer insights

When you know what your customers’ unmet needs are, you can address these, and build better products and services. Testing hypothesis before implementation can steer your production to right direction, with a fraction of a cost of an MVP.

4. Service

Focus on services and processes around the organisation and around the products. You might have an OK product, but is the service delivery of it working as well, for example customer service? Are your organization’s processes optimised for good product and service creation, or are there some parts that you could do better?

5. Designer work satisfaction

More productive and collaborative designers, who take an extra mile to make great quality products, and share with others to achieve consistency across the product portfolio and with your brand.

6. Transparency

Instead of just rushing to deliver, have you stopped to think if you’re actually contributing to a better future? Maybe there are elements you could address to make good business and also be sustainable, ethical and open to improvements. It’s good to ask “why”, and not accept the status quo without thinking, and openly discuss if there is something in the ways of doing things that could be improved. Ideas might come from unexpected places, and being open to them can lead to creative and innovative, successful businesses.

DesignOps (Design Operations) is about orchestrating and optimizing people, processes, and craft, in order to amplify design’s value and impact at scale — while positively engaging designers. Companies who best utilize design grow their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts. 

If you are looking to amplify the impact of your design, we are happy to help!

Vilja Helkiö
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