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Vaisala: DesignOps & visual identity, product, and online store design

Visual identity, product UX/UI and online store design, DesignOps and design system for the global environmental and industrial measurement leader.
Vaisala: DesignOps & visual identity, product, and online store design
Visual identity, product UX/UI design, DesignOps & design system

Vaisala is a 500MEUR global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, with products and services helping their B2B and B2G customers tackle global challenges, such as climate change mitigation and adaptation. The close to 90 years old company recognized the importance of user experience and design as a competitive element a long time ago and has been gradually growing their internal design team.

Actionable DesignOps

Alpha Design Partners supported the Vaisala design team with DesignOps tools and methods to scale up their ways of working, roles and responsibilities, and organization. The DesignOps project started with an interview round of 80 Vaisala employees, ranging from design team members to design stakeholders and the company CEO, and helped produce a development plan for Vaisala design operations. We also helped Vaisala host a DesignOps experiences sharing roundtable event for design leaders across large Finnish companies.

Visual identity for Xweather

Our design team also helped to develop a uniform visual identity, including the logo and typography, and overall visual & tone-of-voice guidelines for Vaisala Xweather, a suite of services providing real-time and hyperlocal weather and environmental data to predict and solve challenges from lightning-triggered wildfires to weather-related car accidents. We helped design the information architecture and design style for the accompanying Xweather marketing website for intuitive access for Vaisala’s B2B customers.

Forward-looking UX and UI design

Our product designers have participated in designing the user experience of the Vaisala Wx Horizon road weather forecast product for road winter management professionals, from forward-looking concept design to daily UI design and prototyping collaboration with the product owners and the development team.

Online store design and design system

We are also helping the Vaisala team renew their products and services online store customer experience and developing a new Design System for Vaisala digital customer services.

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