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Service design way of working for Kaustinen sub-region

Located in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland, Kaustinen sub-region consists of five municipalities. It is one of the most entrepreneurial areas in Finland, which is no coincidence: the cooperation between municipalities is based on trust and openness and the common goal is to make the area the best place in Finland to live and do business.
Service design way of working for Kaustinen sub-region
Kaustinen sub-region
Service design

In succeeding the common goal, Kaustinen sub-region wanted to adopt customer-centric service design as the new key angle for renewing their business services portfolio.

Our whole service portfolio was going through a major transformation. In addition to having new team members, our objective was to digitalize our services while keeping our customers satisfied with their traditional needs.”

– Timo Pärkkä, project manager, Kaustinen sub-region 

Together we set the goals for our service design cooperation:

  • Improve understanding of the current business service field and create a unified service portfolio
  • To be able to offer customer-centric and effortless customer journeys for businesses and entrepreneurs in the Kaustinen area
  • To gain a clear understanding of service design as well as practical tools to use service design so that Kaustinen can continue working independently later

Our work for Kaustinen sub-region

In our work with the Kaustinen area our role was to facilitate the process and for starters we had three design workshops for the core team. The participants were introduced to the basics of customer experience and service design. During the workshops the team learned the relevant tools while at the same time together creating the new customer-centric service concept. 

After the workshops our work was to wrap the outcomes of the workshops into a concept summary including service design tools that would help the development team to continue their work towards a finalized service portfolio.

Alpha Design Partners was selected because of their clear concept and framework. Another factor we looked for was whether the partner understood our situation which they did thanks to the seniority their team had. The kick-start Alpha Design provided for us was exactly what we needed and our own team was extremely enthusiastic about service design and especially the double-diamond tool.

– Timo Pärkkä, project manager, Kaustinen sub-region 

Kaustinen Sub-Area offers a wide range of services for it's residents and businessess.
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