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Beely: Design for the Netflix of cars

Beely describes themselves as the Netflix for cars. It’s a modern way to have a car without the downsides of ownership. As the world is changing, so is the idea of owning a vehicle: Subscription based usage of cars is growing rapidly. Due to the growing demand, Beely needed to renew the digital service platform to meet their customers’ expectations better.
Beely: Design for the Netflix of cars
Service, UX, UI and visual design & content

The three main goals were:

  1. Make it clear what a subscription-based car is
  2. Make site browsing fun and make the visitor want to subscribe 
  3. Create a conversion path that minimizes abandoned checkouts. 

Our team handled all design and contents while Crasman was responsible for the technical implementation.

Our work included:

  • Planning the site structure
  • Planning the conversion paths and customer journeys on the site
  • Layout & graphic design
  • Illustrations & animations
  • Copywriting

The site was launched in January 2022 and was nominated as one of the Grand One 2022 finalists - the biggest digital media competition in Finland.

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