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Service design

Service design is an approach to design that focuses equally on the customer experience and the business process, aiming to create quality customer experiences and seamless service delivery.

The core of service design is simply creating optimal customer experiences. The focus is on customer experience at all stages of the customer journey, from the first interaction with your business to the delivery of the product or service. and beyond when they require support.
A key part of service design is balancing desirability (the user’s needs), viability (the business’ needs) and feasibility (the technical possibility). 

The WHAT of Service Design

We help you in defining
  • How do our customers encounter what we do, how can we improve their experience? How do we improve our own ways of working.
  • Design and development of the way our organization works to deliver real value to customers, end users, and stakeholders
  • Frameworks, processes, methods, and toolbox: inclusive and inspirational collaboration, experimental development, and rapid prototyping
  • Ingredients and attributes: Human-centric, empathy, collaboration, serendipity, creativity, experimentation, learning

Our Service Design process include

  • VISION: Values, philosophy, and goals to provide direction and guide decision-making.
  • PERSONAS: Personas and archetypes represent users based on research into motivations and behaviors.
  • LOCATION PLAN: Determining what services are offered where, when, and by whom.
  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP: Mapping service use over time, identifying the touchpoints in the user experience.
  • SERVICE PLUEPRINT: Guidance on delivery of a service across different channels for staff and systems.
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