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Design talent recruiting

The process of hiring and headhunting designers is anything but easy. In fact, most of the best talents already have a job. Moreover, some designers prefer freelancing to full-time employment, so finding truly qualified candidates may be difficult especially if your brand is still relatively unknown.

Your recruitment partner

We are your trusted partner serving your in-house design talent staffing needs. We have recruited hundreds of UX/UI/service/brand/marketing/visual designers, ADs, copywriters, UX researchers, and creative leads, from junior positions to creative directors and design directors. 

Our incredibly broad network of designers helps us find the best talent for you effectively.
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Our recruitment process is simple and fast:

  • We sit together with you to clarify the designer’s profile needed. We also help to define why you might be attractive for designers.
  • We search for the talent harvest the candidate long list from our network based on the designer's profile defined earlier.
  • We meet with all potential candidates to assess their fit with the search profile, their motivations and fit with your organization.
  • We introduce the interesting and interested candidates with your team
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